Send from Drafts app to Taskpaper


I´m trying to get this script to work

Has anybody gotten this to work ?

I always get this Error
“Script Error: Error: File /Users/-K-/Dropbox (Personal)/Support Files/.taskpaper doesn’t seem to be expected Taskpaper format
Line number: 75, Column 18”

Hi kriisg8,

If you are experiencing this error whilst using my script…You need to have an “Inbox” section at the start of the file. This is where the new tasks are placed.

Let us know how you get on.


Hi Irregular

Thank you for you´re response, I got it to work, the problem was

My pathname url was to long
it was = /Users/-K-/Dropbox (Personal)/Support Files/Inbox.taskpaper
I changed it to = /Support Files/Inbox.taskpaper

And now it works :slight_smile:

Do you know if there is any other script that does this

  • Allows you to select multiple drafts
  • First line = task
  • Other lines = note


And one more thign, as soon as I got the script to work my task manager “Omnifocus” stopped working.

Does that make any sense to you ?

I have also sent them a mail about this.


Good to hear you’ve had some success.

Strange that your Omnifocus is having problem with the script output…as far as I know the script is outputting standard text encoding with no special characters. I’m unable to test import, as I don’t use OmniFocus, ( I use pure Taskpaper with the offical app ).

Tasks with Notes - Yes, that should be certainly possible. You could have a go at amending my script, if you like.

I might be persauded to have a go myself…but I won’t have time to have a look until the weekend.

All the best.

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Is there any change of getting you to make the changes ? I have zero coding skills.

I trust myself to read over it and try tonubderstand some of it, but trying to creat it would be to much of a learning curve for me…

If you find the time to do it can you please let me know ?