Selected recent value in Find/Replace is ignored


Hi Jesse,

when trying to reuse a recent find/replace pattern, the selected replace value was ignored and instead the one from the last performed replacement was used.

In detail:

  • I searched for '· ’ and replaced it with '- ’
  • I searched for '_Werteliste ’ and replaced it with ‘Werteliste _’
  • I again searched for '· ’ using the recent value and replaced it with '- ', also from recent values

The result can be seen in the little screen cast I made:


Kind regards.



Sorry for slow reply. Is it possible to send me that screencast directly ( For some reason the link you included isn’t working. I’m not able to reproduce the problem myself, (probably missing a step), so that’s why I want to see that screencast.


And as you can see I’m in catch up mode… just got your email (from last week) with the screencast. :slight_smile:


I now see this bug, but don’t see an easy fix.

The problem is somewhere in Apple’s code, I can reproduce the problem in a sample project. It appears like when they moved to the FindBar UI they broke support for selecting recents in the older FindPanel UI that TaskPaper uses. It appears that for now you need to perform some sort of edit in FindPanel fields for the new value to be considered when doing a find and replace.


no worries. As long it is on your radar and with the “undo replace all” issue fixed this should not have any affect on our overall user experience with TaskPaper - which is awesome btw. :wink: