Select Branch and other commands don't work (build 167)


I’ve just installed the latest TP3, and Select Branch doesn’t select anything, either as a menu or keyboard command.

(Delete doesn’t work unless i expand the selection to whole line. Previously, as long as a cursor was in a line, Delete (cmd-k in my case) would delete the line. Since Select Branch won’t work, this command is now rather a pain to use.)

Copy and paste of a folded item still only pastes the parent. The children are lost.


I’m curious what was the reason for changing command-K to control-command-k for deleting a line?


to make it easier to do. TP has a tendency to use unwieldy keyboard shortcuts (some are system defaults, but they are poor defaults). with the keyboard shortcuts that i set up, i can use TP very smoothly without having to resort to a mouse. it’s part of what makes TP superior to other outliners.


Was command-K a system default? besides connect to server in finder?


It was what was used in TP2.

But point is that users should be able to set their own keyboard shortcuts.

The problem here i suspect isn’t the shortcut itself but the fact that there are two menu items with the name Delete. One in Edit and one in Items. That’s new in this build

(And Select Branch does not work at all, not even if i select it in the menu)


Another thing that remains broken is Copying and Pasting a folded item loses all the children in the pasted item.


I’ve just fixed this for the next release.


I actually made a mistake with this… I was intending to change it to Option-Shift-K so match up with the same function in Sublime and Atom. Will do that for the next release.

I’m open to suggestions on keyboard shortcuts, but until I settle on the final menu items it’s hard to make a final decision. This was just a case where I realized other editors used a different shortcut and seemed to define a standard of sorts, so I decided to switch it.


Thanks for noticing this, I’ll rename the menu items in the “Items” menu to be unique.