Seeking Desktop Clocks

Greetings all. I am seeking a clock app that will show me more than one time zone. Back in the day, there were many different apps that approached this idea. I have not needed this idea in some years and, as we all know, the macOS keeps marching on, rejecting older, not up to date apps.

I am now involved with an agency on the east coast (EST) in a project, I live in Mountain time (MST). I would very much like to see an MST and an EST clock while I am working on this project. Sure, I can count the two hours ahead each time - and I do. But I am a visual work-flow kind of guy and I would very much like to see the clocks as I work through this project.

Either that. Or go to the thrift store, get a cheap but nice second clock for my wall, and put it up like they do in the movies with labels for EST under one clock and MST under another clock.

The iPhone has this feature built in by swiping up on the screen.

What I would really like to see is an app that could show me two (or more but in this case just two) clock faces on one of my screens or embedded on my desktop. I prefer a round, analog image of a clock face, but digital would work too.

I am guessing there are many ways of doing this and I am posting this here to gather any suggestions anyone may have.


I use The Clock - The Best World Clock by Fabrice Leyne

Do you use the clock in notifcation center? You can add several clocks if you don’t mind peeking the notifcation panel?.

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You can also use the good ol’ Mac dashboard while it’s still there.

Specifically – open System Preferences > Extensions, click on the Today View widgets, and add World Clock. Once that is added to the Today tab in the Notifications panel, you can use the widget to add as many clocks as you wish, by selecting cities.

Have a look at World Clock Pro on the Mac. It shows a map with timezone, weather and daylight shadow. It also has a widget for the Notification Centre.

Thanks all for weighing in. I am using the small notification clocks for now. I also posted this question on another forum. This was my favorite suggestion so far. I will look into installing Uebersicht when I have more time to mess with it.

Uebersicht (which is free) will run any number of free clock widgets5 that display on your desktop. You can use two, one for each time zone, or modify the CoffeeScript code to show two time zones, formatting each clock however you like in HTML.

While I think this is not the place for anything not strictly TaskPaper – after all this litters my inbox since I’m subscribed to the Hog Bay Software Support newsletter – I got to give one of my favorite apps a +1. This is my Übersicht setup:

. Everything on the top left is from Übersicht.