Search Term Works as saved, not as paste


I use Keyboard Maestro to launch my daily TaskPaper documents. When I do this, I simulate the “Go to Anything” key-press and paste in the phrase I want it to search for when I first open TaskPaper.

I am using more and more Curio hyperlinks these days with TaskPaper. I put the following in a saved search in TaskPaper, "curio:///Users/". It shows me all my curio hyperlinks I have in TaskPaper. But, this will not work in “Go to Anything”. I also tested it in “Go to Search”. I only get an error beep. I have tried it with and without quotes. Why wouldn’t a successful saved search phrase also work in a go to anything search?

Seeing any easy enough work-around, to search the name of the saved search in TaskPaper. But still curious about Go to Anything and Go to Search are not actually, you know, searching?


I’m not sure where the error is, it seems to work for me to:

  1. Create a saved search with:

     name: curio:///Users/
     search: "curio:///Users/"

    Note, I do think that you want to surround the “search” in quotes, otherwise all the slashes will be interpreted as search path segments.

  2. Press Command-P to show “Go to Anything” Pallet

  3. Paste curio:///Users/

    Which filters the list to show that search and selects it.

  4. Presse Enter to filter your outline by the curio:///Users/ search.

Does it work for you when you do these actions manually, ie not using a script?


It is the same with the script or manually. When I hit option P or menu select Go to Anything, and I paste in;


When I hit Enter, I get an error beep only.

Added: OK, now I see that you set up your Curio search with the name curio:///Users/, I did not catch that at first. My saved search is similar but with a different search name.

name: Curio Links
search: curio:///Users/

I can search for Curio Links and I can Go to Anything and put in Curio Links and I always get the correct search results. But, I thought it would do a search of my open TaskPaper document. Instead it is only doing a search for my saved search terms. That is, it errors when I want it to find curio:///Users/.

Hope I made that a little clearer?


I’m not sure what part isn’t working… what is “it” in the above sentence. Is it the filtering behavior of the “Go to Anything” pallet that you expected to be different or is it the final search results in the TaskPaper document that you expected to be different.


OK, Go to Anything will find any search that is already set up in the side bar. Go to Anything will not simply find some random text in my TaskPaper document, The example I used was; curio:///Users/.

In my document, curio:///Users/ is NOT a saved search title. There is a saved search that does get results from that, but that search is titled; Curio Links and not; curio:///Users/.

I can see this behavior when I select Go to Anything, paste in curio:///Users/, and hit enter. As there is no saved search with that name on my document, TaskPaper simply gives an audible error and does nothing.


Ok, I think I understand and it’s by design. “Go to Anything” goes to any item displayed in the sidebar. It doesn’t go it items by searching through the text in your document, it searches through the text of item titles in the sidebar.


OK, thanks.