Hi there! I’m a Workflowy/Logseq user trying Bike with enthusiasm for a switch.

I come with a question more than a request. I would like to know if is feasible to expect someday a “search-row” in Bike.

I mean: when the SEARCH functionallity is implemented, would be posible to create a query and “save” this query in a row? Something like Logseq or Tana have with their search nodes.

A lot of options an use cases would grow from there: indented research within our knowledge, dynamic content, easy todo-lists (if a filter in the search is allowed), etc.

But I don’t know if that would be hard to do with the base of the software that Jesse has brilliantly created.

Best wishes!

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Welcome and thanks for trying Bike.

I think for Bike 2.0 an embedded search row (where matches show up mirrored under the row) is unlikely. Longer term I don’t know, but first step will be to implement filtering of outline through searches.

In my mind filtering the outline based on a search is quite a bit easier to understand (from users perspective, and implement from developers perspective).

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Much respect to you for being a dev so responsive :slight_smile:

I guess that you’re telling me that an embedded search row mirroring the results is not expected soon, but there is no obstacle in the code structure to do it someday?

A good search with filtering would be very nice. Not something that expands the app to a new level, but I get that that’s not your initial goal.

Keep the good work. I’ll be following your project closely! Best wishes :partying_face:

I just don’t know, haven’t thought too much about the feature. Some ways to implement it would probably require a new layer of indirection and identity. Other ways would be to just embed one outline view into another.

With all that said I don’t expect to add for the foreseeable future. I just think it’s confusing to have a document displaying content that’s also querying content that’s also displaying content…

My preferred UI would be a workspace that allows you to manage multiple views of the same underlying outline. Bike’s code is setup for this… for example you can edit the same outline in multiple windows. But I think there’s lots of room for improved view management in the future. For example split pane views. A sidebar to quickly jump from one view to another, etc.

That’s the general direction that I would expect Bike to go here.

Got you.

Will be nice to see your vision! :slight_smile: