Search Refinments


I am enjoying using TP3. Now that I understand searching and better still, saving searches, what could be better? Well, one thing could be better. Is it possible when setting up a search, to refine it to exclude putting it’s section title above it? I find this too much of a distraction in the results. Perhaps there are times when this would be useful. As I am using searches, it is not at all useful. Hopefully this is something that I can adjust in the search strings, yes? I have attached two images, a screen shot of how it is now, and something I modified in Acorn to show it as I would like to see it. Thanks.

How it is now:

How I would like it to look:


This has been requested before, but I don’t expect to see a change anytime soon. I think it’s important (especially when editing) to be able to see the context. Longer term I could add some additional styling rules … so that you could style the non matches small and grey (for example) so they would be less distracting.


May I respectfully suggest that, if your user is working on a large and complex document then your argument makes perfect sense. If however your user is using it to manage his daily workflow which includes parts from many projects and areas, your sollution only adds clutter (and confusion) as he is not as concerned with a project specific deadline as he is in remembering what he needs to get done that day.

I see nothing wrong with the way it is now if you are working on a complex project. But I see a real pain in the tush for someone who is using TP3 to focus on what is at hand. Putting a tag that brings the item up in a search is after all what has already been done to have it show up on the search. I can see no purpose for showing that in the search results.

ADDED: As long as we are on the topic, since (like many) I name my custom searches (ToDo1, ToDo2, etc.) it would make sense if instead of showing the section headers, the result showed the title of that search (styled as a top level item) and then had the results as shown as in my above example.


The problem with this request is that it breaks the mental model the editor presenting a single filtered document. For example, it would be displaying “Search Title” in the document editor, when that text doesn’t really exist in the document.

I see the current search as metadata about the state of the document, not document content in itself. But note that in the upcoming 3.5 UI the search field is moved to a more prominent position directly above the document content.


I understand, but I don’t have any immediate solution. I think filtering out the hierarchy and flattening the results would just result in confusion when editing. For example you would have a simple list of items… but if you moved an item one row up it could all of the sudden get moved to a completely separate project.


Yes, editing search results can be a problem. Sadly, I learned that the hard way and just yesterday accidentally deleted a large portion of my file. I am working off my Macbook Pro while the iMac is at Apple for repairs I haven’t been doing a proper backup so I cant blame anyone but myself. Still and to your point, is it a idea to consider if you set up search results so that they cannot be acted upon, not deleted, not read? If they are acted upon by the theme.less document then that would still be a good thing.


I have been using a technique where I set up (header1, header2, etc) tags in themes.less and use them to style my notes and create faux headings so that they wont also show on the sidebar,etc. I am still experimenting to see how to make best use of this.