Search for unicode ➔ does not work

this is not essential, but maybe it is an easy fix. We use this as a special todo to document needed transformations like renaming, moving etc.


Not immediately able to reproduce that here.

If I:

  • copy-paste unicode ➔ from the title of this post into TaskPaper
  • paste the same string into the search field

then the search is immediately successful.

I wonder if the arrow character which you are typing in the search field is the same as the one in your text ?

It might be worth experimenting with AppleScript snippets like:

on run
    id of "➔"
    -- 10132
end run


on run
    id of "→"
    -- 8594
end run


to check that the code is the same.

There are various different unicode arrow characters which can be difficult to distinguish from each other.

PS once you have checked that all the arrows in your TaskPaper file have the same unicode value, you can create a sidebar search matching on the hexadecimal value of that code, prefixed by \u e.g.

matches \u2794

or, for more complex searches, if there turn out to be a variety of non-identical unicode arrows in there, you can

  • enclose the regex in quotes
  • double escape the \u

and write more flexible sidebar searches describing a character class like:

matches  "[\\u2794, \\u2192]"

I found the solution, it’s even easier: I simply have to type "➔" into the search field. The stored search pattern is ➔ @search("➔").

The char was 10132. I use a custom text replacement from the System Preferences that replaces a ->> when typing.