Search for tagged projects shows project content as well

If I search for a tag (lets say ‘Prio’), and I have any projects that matches that tag, I would love if I could see the content of the project as well.

In my workflow, I go through my project list and mark those that are of high importance to me ('Prio*). When I search for these, I get all the project titles not nothing of their content of the projects. That would be of great help.

The search syntax isn’t documented yet, but I think you’ll get the results that you want if you instead search for:

  • @prio//*

Eventually there also needs to be a better way of expanding hidden results if you just do a search for @prio, but that’s still down the road a bit further.

Yep, that solved it perfectly, thank you! Now if I could only save that search… :wink: (Already voted for the other thread with saved searches)