Search for project level

I read the manual but got a little lost.

I would like to tag at the project level and then search for that Tag and see either the full list of tasks on that project or just the open tasks for each project that has the Tag.


This Editor Search (⇧⌘F) should work:

(project @test//not @done)

Just replace the word test with your tag.


This worked, thanks!

Maybe I am thinking about this wrong. So now i have a bunch of tags in the Sidebar. (Feature request: ability to turn off tags in the sidebar).

I have some projects sprinkled through my list that sometimes i want to see together and I thought using a tag at the Project Level would be the way to go, but i don’t like how messy my Sidebar is now.

Any thoughts on another way to skin the cat, without tagging each individual task to group sets of projects together across the normal hierarchy?

If you want to exclude tags in the sidebar, go to your configurations folder…

(i normally get to it by going to the Window menu in TaskPaper and then selecting StyleSheet > Open StyleSheet Folder, Then, in the Mac Finder, navigate from the StyleSheets folder to the Configurations folder.)

…and edit the tags.taskpaper text file. Look for:

Exclude Tags:

…and add the tags that you want excluded from the sidebar. Example:

Exclude Tags: @test


If you want to show particular projects without @done tasks listed, try this Editor Search (⇧⌘F):

project test 01 or test 02 or test 03//not @done

Just replace the project names (test 01, test 02, etc.) with your project names. Save the search if you use it often.

These are good tips, thank you! I like the second one.

My point about the sidebar was not clear. I was using Tags on Projects so that I could filter certain projects, and your post up above nailed it.

On the Project part of the sidebar now, my Project list is mess because it says “Project Name @tag1 @tag2” in the hierarchy.

I don’t mind tags in the tag list (although your tip is good).

So I am second guessing using tags at the project level. Maybe I am getting too sophisticated, simplicity is usually the best way.

TaskPaper is very versatile. You can make it as complex or as simple as you prefer.


Yes, i know i CAN but for me, it’s probably better for me not to. Otherwise care and feeding of “the system” takes too much time or attention!!