Search for not tagged important and not tagged due


This has been already asked but I didn’t understand the response.

I’m getting the search result I want by applying @due() to every task without a due date as in @due() task. That’s a very inefficient solution. The search is:

not @done and not @important and @due = “”

I don’t understand why “not @done and not @important and not @due” doesn’t work.


Perhaps an example of a text and the difference between what you see and what you expect ?

That search looks fine and does seem to work here. For example, if I start with:

    - TaskPaper knows about projects, tasks, notes, and tags.
    - It auto-formats these items so that your lists are easier to read. @done
    - Delete this text when you are ready to start your own lists.
To Create Items:
    - To create a task, type a dash followed by a space. @due
    - To create a project, type a line ending with a colon.
    - To create a tag, type '@' followed by the tag’s name.
To Organize Items:
    - To indent items press the Tab key. @important @done(2018-03-13 11)
    - To un-indent items press Shift-Tab.
    - To mark a task done click leading dash. @important
To Fold, Focus, and Filter Items:
    - To fold/unfold an item click the dot to the left of the item.
    - To focus on a single project select it in the sidebar. @done(2018-03-13 11)
    - To filter your list enter a search in the toolbar search field.

Applying not @done and not @important and not @due

leaves me with the following filtered view:

Would you like to show and comment the kind of “before and after” that you have in mind ?