Search date exclude @done


Sorry if this is basic, but I’m brand new to trying to use dates and searching. I am unsure why this doesn’t work in Taskpaper to show tasks that are due in the next 7 days and not tagged @done:

@search((@due < [d] + 7 days)) and not @done)


Hi Chris, first you’ve got an extra parenthesis after days and also you need to escape the enclosed backslashes (or it’s working without any enclosed parenthesis). An easy way to insert the search in your document is with the “New Search” feature when you right click in the sidebar where the Searches are. If you want to embed it in your document, just tick the “Save as embedded @search in document” when creating the new search.

Here is your corrected search:

Next 7 days @search(\(@due < [d] + 7 day\) and not @done)