Scripts listed on Palette menu

I would like the scripts to be displayed on the Palette menu which is pretty short right now. So I could run a script without having to bring up the command window, scroll all the way to the bottom.

Maybe I am missing something, but if someone has a script they want it front and center?


Keyboard Maestro, Fastscripts etc give the best ratio of signal to noise – a direct keybinding without any look and choose at all.


I think it should be true that you can also add to pallet menu as described here:



I have Alfred and Better Touch Tool (even though i no longer have the touch bar), I am not sure if they could do the same thing?

That would add it to the Mac “Scripts” menu I guess, but not to the Palette menu unless I am misunderstanding.

It seems odd for the Palette menu to have only four items, and then have a bunch of additional things in the command pop up menu.

In any case, please record this as a feature request (although I know you are not doing a ton of new development on TP).

I think you missed the middle “To install a script in TaskPaper’s Command Pallet:” section :slight_smile:

I have the scripts in the dialog box, at the very bottom.

I am asking to be ON the Palette Menu… like this:

CleanShot 2022-03-29 at 15.52.44

Not sure on Better Touch Tool, but Alfred can do it. Hotkeys can be added to Alfred workflows.


Ah, sorry. Guess it was me that misread as per usual :slight_smile:

Anyway, correct that isn’t possible right now. Please use one of the other options.

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No problem, I assume that developers WANT feature requests, it shows user interest! I have no expectations on requests… it can’t hurt to ask and may make it into a future product!

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Yes, and thanks! Sorry if I didn’t make that clear.

A bit more on this idea …

In the past I have supported running scripts from app menu items. I don’t remember if I ever did this with TaskPaper, but it used to be pretty standard for Mac apps to support a dedicated script menu, and I know some of mine did!

I don’t support this in TaskPaper for a number of reasons:

  1. This doesn’t seem to be something many apps do now days.

  2. Instead I think Apple wants people to use the system wide script menu instead. I guess that’s probably what killed the convention of apps providing their own… though I understand that for a number of cases this isn’t ideal. In particular I don’t think you can assign keyboard shortcuts.

  3. There are also many tools like FastScripts or Keyboard Maestro or Alfred that can run scripts and assign keyboard shortcuts, and I think most people who use a lot of scripts already use one of those tools.

The end result being that for now I don’t see much value in adding yet another way to run scripts, even if it would make some things easier.

My opinion/circumstances may change again. In particular when I add scripting to the new app “Bike” that I’m working on I might change my mind again.

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