Scripters... what is the standard way to run scripts from within an app?

App Store review is rejecting the latest TaskPaper update because of the “Open Scripts Folder” button in TaskPaper’s preferences. The complaint is:

Guideline 2.4.5(ii) - Performance

Your app installs code in shared locations.

Specifically, Preferences > Open Scripts Folder asks the user to directly install scripts.

Is there some other way that apps are doing this now?

Specifically TaskPaper wants to be able to run user scripts so that it can place those scripts in the Commands pallet, and run them when selected.

There must be other apps on the App Store that can run user scripts? How do they work? How do they show you where to put your scripts so that they have permission to run those scripts?


Is this relevant I’m not sure it says it was published in 2014 Scripting from a Sandbox -

Thanks and yes that’s where I got my current behavior:

It’s a very wild guess but you could try moving the open folder action into the Tools menu, it sounds to me they don’t like it being a button in the preferences. But I obviously don’t know anything special but I read app store review was particularly legalistic.

Thanks again. I’ve written back for clarification (which in the past has resulting in them just sending the exact same note :slight_smile: ) … but we’ll see I guess. I was mostly just wondering if there was some standard way to get to that folder in the macOS UI that I wasn’t aware of.

Next release of TaskPaper is approved now… I haven’t released it yet so not quite on App Store yet. But apparently they were just confused by the feature and thought it was doing something that it wasn’t doing. Feature is still there and unchanged.



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