Script Triggers

I need is some understanding or explanation of how TP3 uses script triggers. I get the general idea that when I write a script it appears in the script menu. But some programs allow object of view triggers and I don’t know how far I can go in TP3 and what if anything will trigger a script.

While I see a lot of scripts for TP3 I have not fully understood “how” they were being used - read, applied. Does a script that colors tags due today to read do that in some auto run mode? Or do you need to run that script each day as you embrace your workflow? The latter apparently.

Now that I have learned to adjust my paragraph leading and trailing spaces I would love to apply changes to most views but exclude some views. I work a good deal using Tasks which fold and act like 2nd level projects. In some views I don’t want to use tasks to fold at all and use them more as a list. In those instances I want little paragraph spacing. In the rest of the views, more spacing. This sort of script would not make much sense without some sort of auto-run trigger.

Reading the page on how to install scripts it would appear that TP3 can be affected by scripts but I do not see a script menu in TP3 or any advice on how to install one? Reading that page carefully I see advice on how to run and save a script in the (Apple stand alone) script editor, but not in TP3? Sounds like auto-run scripting in TP3 is a no go. Comments?

Right now TaskPaper doesn’t provide anyway to run a script directly… instead people use third party tools such as FastScripts and Keyboard Maestro. See:

I do plan to add the ability to run scripts from the Palette > Command palette for the final 3.5 release. Not implement yet. TaskPaper doesn’t have any way to automatically run scripts (such as when you save a file for example) … maybe in future, but no immediate plans for that.