Script to toggle between two font sizes

Anybody have a script they’d recommend to toggle between two font sizes?

  • “Actual Size” for most times, and a
  • “Screen sharing” font size that’s 4 or 5 font sizes bigger?

Perhaps two stylesheets with different names under Window > StyleSheet ?

(it would then be fairly straightforward to write something like a Keyboard Maestro macro which toggled the stylesheet selected)

Here, for example, toggling between Default.lessScreenShare.less

in which the only differing line is:

font-size: @user-font-sizefont-size: (@user-font-size * 4);

StyleSheet (1.7 KB)

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Hey @complexpoint, you’re right, I had forgotten about the separate style sheet trick, which I even had done in the past! Thanks for the reminder.

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