Script to move archived tasks to an archive file

For a long time I used the following script triggered by Quicksilver to move archived tasks to an archive file. I think it came from the Taskpaper 2 support page.

property currentFile : "Tasks.taskpaper"
property archiveFile : "Archive.taskpaper"
property archiveFilePath : "/Users/User/Documents/Dropbox/Taskpaper"

tell application "Finder"
	if exists (archiveFilePath & "/" & archiveFile) as POSIX file then
		tell application "TaskPaper"
			open archiveFilePath & "/" & archiveFile
			move entries of project named "Archive" of document named currentFile to end of entries of document named archiveFile
			save document named archiveFile
			close document named archiveFile
		end tell
	end if
end tell

I’ve searched around on the HogBay Support site and done some general web searching but cannot find a new script that will do this in Taskpaper 3. Could anyone direct me to a workable script for Taskpaper 3?

Thanks very much.


No replies. I finally made a Keyboard Maestro workflow to do this…

I am glad that you got it figured out. Could you share the script here for someone looking for something similar. I am sure they would be helped by it.

I don’t know if you saw it or not, but someone had created a script that accomplished something very similar to what you wanted to over a year ago. The script is a little bit more complex because it uses “Day One” CLI, but you can give it a good look. Here is the link. It was on the “Script Extensions” page of the Wiki. I believe that all of the posts that discuss code or scripts are eventually cataloged and posted there.

Archiving done tasks and logging them into Day One

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