Script for today's date

I followed the steps for using an existing script but fell off the knowledge cliff. Don’t understand where/what file to create for my script, or how to trigger a script.

Are there any total newbie at Apple Script in apps, instructions that assuming nothing somewhere perhaps?

I was just going to attempt to use an existing script initially (that pushed me off said cliff), and then hopefully work out how to use a keyboard shortcut to inject a date / time stamp.

Thanks for any pointers : )

Cheers, Alan

The easiest approach is to use a utility like:

any of which can take care of assigning a keyboard shortcut to a script.

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I use Keyboard Maestro for such.

The macro is triggered by a text string, which allows me to enter the date or time as I type.

Typing ddate creates: 1/4/23

Typing ttime creates: 1/4/23, 11:42 AM.

What the time macro looks like:

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Thanks @Jim and @complexpoint I’ll give these a go – cheers!

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