Script editor status icon (top menu bar) gone after installing Mojave


I use a script to sort due dates in TP to do list. After installing Mojave, the script editor status icon seems to have disappeared from the top menu bar (although in script editor preferences, the box to show the icon is still checked). Anyone else has this issue? Any ideas?
thank you, Paul


There’s a summary of the main issues here:

(Toggle a sys prefs setting on and off, sometimes restarting the machine, seems to be an ingredient of the recommendations.)


Thank you; that’s quite a change.

The script still runs through the Script Editor, so that’s at least something.

The icon behavior is very strange. Today after starting up, it had reappeared, and at some point it simply disappeared. The box in preferences was still checked (I toggled on and off a couple of time, no result).

In any case, I am glad that I found a way to run the script with a workaround, for now.