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I appreciate that TaskPaper will save a search by presenting only the top level of the list - most of the time. But sometimes I want to see the search results expanded. I have a daily list of things to do and it would be nice to see that entire list instead of clicking on the search and then option command right arrow for that list. Otherwise I need to build the search on a specific tag and put that tag on each and every line of that list instead of searching on the title of that list.

Is there a way to do this now in TaskPaper that I am not seeing If not, could this become a consideration in the future?



Could you provide some example?


When a (saved search on the sidebar) search finds an item, it does not auto-expand the item. When a “Go To Anything” search finds the same item, it expands it after finding it.

Example, I have an entry for things I set as goals for the day. This may overlap with actual goals, the point here is to have a free-form list similar to what I like to write out in a notebook.

I have a sidebar search that uses the search term “Daily Free Form Goal and Task List:”. This finds the list, and the list is always contracted. That is, none of the tasks under this are shown.

I also created a quick macro in Keyboard Maestro that uses “Go To Anything” with the term “Daily Free Form Goal and Task List:”. This search finds the same list, always expanded. That is, it is how I would like to see it with all of the tasks showing after I perform the search.

I am posting to ask if there is some way to get the same behavior from a sidebar search as I get in a “Go To Anything” search.

Added: I am also saying that in some instances I do not want the results of a sidebar search to be expanded. The current behavior is perfect the way it is. But in other instances I would like to see it do what I have here suggested.

Perhaps if Jessie has put this in as default sidebar search behavior he might consider adding a tick mark in the menu dialog for editing the search. Check your preference if search results expand or do not expand.


If I understand you correctly, you just need to use the “descendant-or-self” axis /// with the wild card * to match not only the item itself but also all its subitems. So, in your case you just need to append ///* to your search:

Daily Free Form Goal and Task List:///*

or better

project Daily Free Form Goal and Task List///*

This will show the item “Daily Free Form Goal and Task List” and expand it showing all its subitems as well.

If you do not want to see the subitems in some searches, just omit the ///* part.


Excellent. Thanks very much.

Added: This solves 90% of the problem. I am glad for the suggestion. But for some odd reason using the Find Anything method expands the tasks but not the notes. Actually, I like it this way. In such a list view I am more interested in the tasks and the notes are only there for more information on how I am setting up the list so I really don’t want to see this expanded every time.

In the wildcard method that you shared and I am now using, it expands everything, including the notes.


Just try ///not @type=note instead of the ///* part.


Thanks. I have to ask, where is this code written down? It looks like something I should study more about.


All this is documented in the TaskPaper User’s Guide, section Searches, subsection “Item Paths”.