Save Document State

I’d like to be able to save the state of Bike documents when I close them or quit the app without having to uncheck “Close windows when quitting an app” in the Mac General System Preference panel, which results in other things I don’t want. Is this a feature that would need to be added to Bike, or is there some other way I can achieve it?


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This is a feature that would need to be added to Bike I think.

And I pretty much agree… I would like the feature too. Since I’m constantly working on Bike with Xcode it means I’m often closing my “real” documents and loosing their state all the time :(. At the same time unless I find a way to reuse most of the existing system restorable state code then this will be a lot of work to duplicate a standard behavior.

I get this request fairly frequently, so I’ll try to give it another look, but can’t make any promises.

Great. Thanks. It would be nice, but certainly isn’t a show-stopper.