RTL Languages show LTR


I beleive this might’ve been brought up before but I don’t see it fixed. RTL (right to left) languages currently show left to right which is very confusing when I’m trying to right. I hope this will be fixed soon. Also the the cursor behaves very weirdly; I’ve attached a GIF showing the current behavior.
2023-07-19 19.25.58

Which IME in particular are you using there ?

Does pasting seem to work ? (i.e. is the problem seen mainly in typing character by character ?)

Bike certainly does keep sentences left-aligned even with RTL languages, and although I’m not typing here with a language which updates character variants as one enters successive characters, I am seeing a sort of flashing and a ghost copy of the sentence appearing and disappearing to the right of the sentence at every word boundary.

I think there are at least two things happening here.

  1. Bike should partially support RTL languages. In particular you should be able to type RTL, but the text layout will still be aligned to the left side of the screen. This isn’t ideal, and maybe I will fix someday, but it’s a big job and I hope the current behavior makes RTL at least partially editable and readable.

  2. When typing RTL Bike’s text animations don’t work right. Until I fix that you can disable these animations using Bike > Settings > Editor > Enable typing animations (uncheck it!)

Thanks ! That’s much quieter.

The only residual quirk is the cursor jumping back and forth between the left and right hand ends of the line. At every word boundary – i.e. every time the space bar is tapped – the cursor:

  • jumps from the left hand end of the line, where we have been typing, all the way to the right hand end of the line,
  • and then when we type the next letter (first letter of the next word), the cursor jumps back from the right end of the line to the left of the line again.

and of course, within an RTL line, we still have to use:

  • the left arrow key to move the cursor right
  • and the right arrow key to move the cursor left : -)

I will eventually get to these things, but still won’t be for a while I think. For the future work on filtering outline I will be doing some code reorganization that should make solving these problems easier. So sometime after that I think.

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As a footnote, should you return to this thread at any point for a checklist:

when we type a punctuation mark at the end of an RTL sentence ( . ! ? etc) Bike is inserting it, at the moment (141) at the start of the RTL sentence, rather than at its end, where it was typed.

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