RTF new doc


Hallo. It happens that I open most of time new RTF documents in WriteRoom. When doing this, WR opens a new very small window with a certain default font type and size.
I would like to have a bigger window opened with different fonts that I could chose.
And above all, I’d like WR to remember that at every new window opening. Like it does with plain text windows.
How can I do that?
Thank you.


Truth is I forget the details right now, but from testing around it seems like new window size is determined by two things:

  1. Menu item Format > Line Wrap > Column … the larger the column number the larger the initial window with will be. The new window sizes itself to fit the chosen number of columns width.

  2. The second factor that determines window size is the font used in the theme. A smaller font will create a smaller window, since it requires less space to create a window that will contain the small font at the desired number of columns.

It’s not super obvious… but the way that you change the font in the current theme is to:

  1. Create a new plain text document
  2. Choose menu Format > Font > Show Fonts
  3. Select a new font
  4. This new font should be applied to the current document, but also for future new documents both plain text and rich text.


That helped.
I really thank you. :slight_smile:


I have another question.
Let’s suppose I want to assign two different schemes to different files.
And, I want they opened every time with the same scheme.
The behaviour I’m seeing right now is that WriteRoom seems not to remember what scheme a file was opened last time.
Is there a way to tell the program that I want to open new docs with a scheme which I like to be my default one, and each other file with its own one?
Thanks whoever is reading and wanna help.


Sorry I don’t think that’s possible. WriteRoom only has the “current theme”, then information isn’t stored in individual document files.