(Row > New Row ⌘↩) vs Return?

Slow learner here : -)

I’ve just noticed the ⌘↩ key-binding listed next to the Row > New Row menu item, and I realise that I haven’t yet understood the difference between that and just tapping :leftwards_arrow_with_hook: to create a new sibling row.

Is there a functional difference that I haven’t spotted between:

  • ⌘↩ and
  • plain :leftwards_arrow_with_hook: ?

There is! :slight_smile:

Normal is a text editing command. It will insert the newline at the current text selection/caret. Row > New Row on the other hand works at the row level. It inserts a new row after the current one without replacing or splitting at the original selection.

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Got it ! Non-split vs split : -)

Useful …