Row container issues with text completion and TypeIt4Me

Hi, I know you’ve been updated some things in how Bike manages rows/containers - I think the changes may not play nice with Apple’s Text Replacement and TypeIt4Me text expander services. (or vice versa :wink: ) At least I think they are related - apologies if not and happy to discuss or delete this if not at all related.

The issue(s) are hard to describe, please see videos (and apologies for any Dropbox popups or messages.:

  1. If Apple’s Text Replacement inserts text with multiple-lines, while they appear on multiple lines they are treated as if a single Row “block” and when you type at the end of a line it ‘jumps’ to the next unless you delete and re-enter the return key. It’s as if there is an invisible hard word-wrap/break character at the end of each line.

Please see video to clarify:

Apple Text Replacement behavior

TypeIt4Me text expander app expands text from a trigger word also, but also has an “autocue” feature that replaces/expands a trigger word with saved text but will pause at “cue” points allowing live typing insertion then continue with saved text. However in Bike (but not other apps) the trigger word will result in the cursor backing up two words (or return lines) again hard to explain, so please see video below.

The first part shows what should happen (in TextEdit) the second what does happen in Bike.TypeIt4Me vendor support asked the following that may be relevant. “Could it be that you have included a ⎢ somewhere in your snippet? That symbol will reposition the cursor much the way you describe.”

TypeIt4Me behavior

Thanks for a great app! Any ideas or suggestions to help these apps integrate with Bike appreciated.