RFE: Support being a menubar app

As a feature request, it would be really handy if TaskPaper also supported being a menubar app. i.e. having a permanent menubar icon that opens the app / unhides open lists / puts them on top / makes them active, and conversely hides the open lists if they are unhidden.

The app is really handy, but I want to rapidly open and close it on my screen.

All of the above can be done with AppleScript or JavaScript and an app that will run such.


ok, thanks. I was hoping not to re-invent the wheel. I’ll go explore this.


You’re welcome.

And you can explore here. We have great people here, who will help you out.

Start a new topic and ask for help with one request (such as a script to open TaskPaper).

Once you have that, choose the next most important request and keep going until all of your needs are met.

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This is also a valid option not to reinvent the wheel

Here is an example AppleScript that will either start TaskPaper, or toggle its visibility:

tell application "System Events"
	if not (exists process "TaskPaper") then
		tell application "TaskPaper" to activate
	else if frontmost of application "TaskPaper" then
		set visible of process "TaskPaper" to false
		tell application "TaskPaper" to activate
	end if
end tell

I use the above dozens of times every day. It is lightning fast and indispensable.

It is best triggered with a utility like Keyboard Maestro (worth every penny, in my experience) or FastScripts (free to use, up to ten scripts, I think).


I wanted to stop by and say thanks for the above. That not only did what I needed, you opened a pandora’s box of things for me to fiddle with and rathole on! So much learning to do.


You’re welcome! Enjoy the journey! TaskPaper has made a huge difference in my life!