Retain space between sentences when searching by @tag

In the image below, there is a space between each sentence. However, when I search by “tag”, the space is removed. In the example shown, the clutter isn’t a big deal. But when there’s a lot of information, it becomes difficult to read. Is there a way to search by tag AND retain the space between sentences?


The space doesn’t belong to any of the elements that are tagged with @line1. If you want to retain the space, make that space part a child of one of the tagged elements, and the search for the tag for the tag and its children. In your example, the query would be this,


And your Outline needs to look like this,

Sunday, November 6 2016:
	This line @line1
		(I am including this text so that you can see where the blank line needs to be in the outline)
	This line @line1

Hope this helps.

Thanks Victor. More complex than I was hoping for, so I’ll make do with the status quo.

If you just want more spacing you could change your stylesheet … then you wouldn’t need to insert those spaces. For example:

@line-height-multiple: 2.0;

If if you want to get more complicated you can also control the spacing before and after each paragraph:

item {
  paragraph-spacing-before: @user-font-size / 2.0;
  paragraph-spacing-after: @user-font-size / 2.0;

Thanks Jesse!

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