[Request] Show line number and simple stats

I believe it’s useful sometimes to have the line number on the left as it allows for an idea of amount of work and progress in quick glances.

Likewise, having simple stats on a status bar could also be really useful, such as “Tasks count”, “Projects count” and so on… on diverse levels, such as Tasks within a level (as a overlay element appended to the title of the group), tasks associated with a tag (on the side bar)…

Sorry for not replying earlier.

Right now I’m mostly just planning to keep TaskPaper, as is, working into the future. Generally:

  • I don’t think line numbers are right for TaskPaper. I agree they can be useful, but if they are being useful then you’ll likely find other “programmery” features useful, and might be better off with an IDE (visual studio code) style task manager. Anyway it’s unlikely they’ll get added to TaskPaper.

  • A stats counter makes more sense to me, but again I don’t expect I will add to TaskPaper soon. I think you could get what you want with a third party tool like Keyboard Maestro. You can use Keyboard Maestro to display info from a script in the macOS status bar. Here’s a post showing how to do that with my other app Bike (showing a focus indicator, but you could also show Task count/etc.: Needs Focus Indicator. The same basic process should work with TaskPaper, I can help with script if you decide to go this route.

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