Request: Option to retain overall window size & position when sidebar shown/hid


Hi! I’m a TaskPaper user and I use a window manager (Moom) to snap all windows to discrete positions. This helps keep me sane when my workflow gets complex :wink:

When I show/hide the sidebar in TaskPaper, the sidebar area of the window disappears, and the left border of the window shrinks to the start of the text editor field. This throws off my window spacing, and compels me to move and re-resize the window.

When I then re-show the sidebar, it appears offscreen (as the window is snapped to the left side of the screen), requiring another move and resize of the window.

Can we get an option that lets the editor view grow to fill the whole space and position of the current window when the sidebar is hidden, and vice versa (upon show, sidebar takes its default chunk of window space and editor view shrinks to match)?

Many thanks,


When fired 3.5 up the first time and played with the sidebar, I really liked how it retained the editor canvas size, and just added the sidebar in. I’d vote for keeping that functionality if possible.


@patrick.e - Yeah, I can definitely see where some would want to retain that functionality. It sort of turns the sidebar into a “drawer”-like device (as seen in Path Finder and elsewhere). Good for some methods of working, less useful for others.

So if this happens, it’d be great to have it as a checkbox in prefs.