Renew Bike License (website version)


It’s been a year of using Bike every day, and loving the app and your focused development process. I notice that my first Paddle payment was mid-April last year yet I haven’t received any notification about renewing my license.

What’s the process for the license renewal? I’ll gladly renew to support your continued development but don’t see a way to do this. Thanks for guiding me in the right direction.

Thanks for asking and glad you like Bike’s progress! :slight_smile:

My goal is to have renewal checking start May 15, to make it a year since the 1.0 release.

The actual implementation is a work in (not yet much) progress. I think it will work by:

  1. You launch Bike
  2. As part of license check it will also check your order date
  3. It will compare that date to the build date from the version of Bike that you are running.
  4. If more than a year then Bike will run in non-licensed mode and present you with option to upgrade your license.

I’m not sure if I’ll actually have this implemented on May 15, but like many features I hope to get to it soon! :slight_smile:

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@jessegrosjean I thought it would be relevant to reply here. I thought when we purchased outside of the appstore, it was a perpetual license and not a subscription. Is that not the case?


It’s not a true subscription. In that situation if you don’t continue to pay then you can no longer use the app. In the case of Bike, if you don’t continue to pay then you do not continue to receive updates. But … you can continue to use the app!

This kind of pricing approach is used with a few different web-design apps I’ve used and it works well. For some, I only update every 3-4 years when the cumulative updates make it worthwhile for me to renew. Curio also has a similar pricing approach.

When you purchase from the website it’s a one time purchase, in that what you purchase (1 + year of updates) will continue to work unlocked, without you having to pay anything more. To get more updates after that year you will need to renew your license … and get another 1 year of updates as a result.

Hopefully stated clearly here:

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Hey all, just my opinion: It’s a pretty cheap license for a really useful piece of software. Software is really a service as well as a product–if you want it to keep working for you, you have to pay for maintenance. Not unlike a car–or in this case a bike! I want to see Bike supported well into the future–and that requires some kind of reasonable revenue stream to Jesse in compensation for the ongoing work he’ll be doing to keep it current and working smoothly (not to mention enhancing it).


My license expires tomorrow – so I guess I’ll see the option to renew then. When I go to, I see

A license entitles you to one year of free updates. After one year your existing Bike updates will continue to work fully unlocked. To unlock future updates you must renew your license at 50% off the base price. Bike requires macOS 11 or later.

So should I expect to see the option to renew at $15 (50% off)? I’m loving Bike and am looking forward to renewing my license and receiving future upgrades

Once it expires then you should see an option to renew at 50% off from within the app. And in particular from the Bike > Settings > License panel.

I need to improve that design, and allow renew before things have expired… but for another day I guess :slight_smile:

Thanks and thanks!

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Well, Oct 27 has come and gone but I still don’t see an option to renew my license:

Thanks for reporting… did this ever resolve?

I know the renew process works sometimes because I see renew orders. If it hasn’t fixed self first issue that I can think of … have you quit and reopened Bike recently? License status only happens when Bike is launched.

The only other thing I can think of, does Bike have full network access… I can imagine if some network blocking software such as Little Snitch is active it might also block upgrade request.

No, the problem hasn’t cleared up. I restarted Bike but I still have the same problem. Should I deactivate license and try to reapply my license?

We found the problem… turns out all working as it should, I was just confused.

In case anyone else is wondering. When you look at your license panel and it says “Unlocks Releases Dawn of Time–October 27, 2023” … that means when a new release is made (after Oct 27) then you will be asked to renew. The check is made against the release date of the version of Bike that you are using, not the calendar date.

I should have known that! :slight_smile:

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