Rendering of math equations

Hi there,

This probably does not conform to Bike’s vision, at all :sweat_smile:, but I still wanted to ask whether the introduction of types (h1, h2, p, …) might also include a “math” type at some point, where mathematical equations in e.g. LaTex syntax are rendered (akin to e.g. Roam or Dynalist)?

I adore Bike so far, but being in a math-heavy field of study, I would love to be able to use Bike for making sense of formulas, as well.


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Hi and thanks for trying Bike.

I need to do h1, h2, etc first. Then depending on difficulty I would consider it. Treating as a separate block level type as you suggest would probably make it easier.

I guess my recommendation is to wait until I start adding other types such as h1, h2, and then remind me.