Remove a tag from a TaskPaper document


Sorry if this is covered elsewhere, but I couldn’t find anything on it after a search. I’d like to completely remove a tag from a document. I misspelled a tag, and now it pops up first in the autocomplete. How do I kill it?

I have @notUgent and @notUrgent and the misspelled one is alphabetically first, so I keep accidentally hitting it.



Have you tried find/replace. It seems it would be the easiest way to do it


The other option would be to:

  1. Show your entire document, focus on root, expand all items.

  2. Select All

  3. Tags > Tag With…

  4. And then select the tag that you want to remove. That command is a toggle. If it finds the tag in your document then instead of adding the tag to all selected items it will remove it.


OMG. Sorry to trouble you all. Thanks for the replies. I thought the tags were stored somewhere that wasn’t exposed to the User. Turns out I just had the misspelled tag applied to a couple things in the document. A find and replace sent that misspelled tag back to the depths from which it came.

Again the simplicity of TaskPaper is joy to behold.