Remember window and sidebar size


Hi Jesse,

when quitting TP, the window location, size and sidebar-width is not remembered. So you have to change it every tim you open a file.
This is not related to the System Preferences > General > Close windows issue.


I’m sure it’s working in some cases. Here’s a window that was just restored for me:

  • sidebar sizing restored

  • window size and position restored

  • selection restored

  • folds restored

I’m on OS X 10.11, though I’m pretty sure that OS X 10.10 does the same thing. The trick is make sure that you quit TaskPaper leaving all documents open when you quit. And that you haven’t disabled window restoration.


Hi Jesse,

indeed when quitting TP and when the documents are open and not disabled window restoration then the documents will open in the previous state (size, location).
But I do not want to use "disabled window restoration ", mainly I do not want that other apps open the last opened file. Thats why I really like the old TP@ behavior!

Almost all other apps remember the last used position and size of the application window. TP always reset to the initial (extremely) small size




just bought Taskmator and found that… files edited on iOS do not re-open in TP Mac on launch :cry:
(they do if only edited on Mac)

if you can come up with something else than just relying on OS’ behaviour it would be really and truly appreciated


Having the same issue. Window location and size as well as open windows are not remembered when you re-open TaskPaper Preview 3. On OS X 10.10.5.



It should be possible to re-open the last documents, without using the global pref “disabled window restoration”. TextMate have an option in the prefs to restore the documents of the last sessions.



I’m see this specific issue as well. files that are edited on an ios text editor do not restore when re-opened. I was able to recreate this issue when modifying a .taskpaper file with editorial, but notesy (another ios - text editor did not cause this issue.)


Hi Jesse,

Thnx for the new build (171) of TaskPaper! Nice improvements!

Could you please make some time to look to the “Remember Window and Sidebar Size” issue.

The behaviour of TP3 is not the standard OSX behaviour. TP3 opens always in the same location and the same size! Standard OSX behaviour is that the last opened size and position is restored. See e.g. the Mail app and Safari. In Mail als the sidebar size is remembered after closing.

The issue is not related to “System Preferences > General > Close windows when quitting an app” turned off. I know when this is turned on, TP3 will not open the last opened documents, but it should remember the last size and sidebar of the last session. Maybe is is caused by the fact that you always open a new document when no file is open and you open TP or when TP is open, you click on the the App icon in the menu bar. And that you have “hardcoded” the size and location of this document!



Hi Jesse,

thnx for fixing this in build 173.

There is a small issue with the implementation. When reopening a file and the size is smaller than the desktop size, the reopened window has a offset of 45px right and 45px down. This is the behavior of opening a new file (when another file is already open), not not when a file is reopened of initial opening off a file. in the last case, the offset should be zero!

Kind regards,


Should be fixed in next release.