Release notes and previews

I’ve been trying to figure out how I’ll manage Bike releases now that it exits preview status. My plan is to maintain Bikes release (and release notes) history like this:

  1. Keep history of all final release and release notes
  2. Preview releases will work in cycles:
    • I will release a series of preview releases.
    • Once things are good I will change that last preview release’s status to “final”.
    • I will update release notes on that last release to describe all changes since last final release.
    • I will then remove all those previous preview releases and notes.

This all means that when Bike 1.0 comes out on Tuesday I will be deleting all the earlier preview releases along with the release notes. Not sure that anyone cares, but that’s the plan. As always let me know if you see problems.

More one how Bike and preview releases will work can be found in user guide.