Regression I think, tabbed windows and project bar


I open and close the project bar frequently and tabbed windows have an issue with the document width. If you close the project bar, switch to another tab, open a project bar, switch to a tab, open a project bar, the window width expands every time. It can get itself into a state with really wide windows or alternately really narrow windows. Some kind of calculation thing, I’m not sure what sort of logic is intended, but at the moment it seems inconsistent with the width calculations.

Taskpaper 3.6, macOS Sierra 10.12.2


I think you can get the behavior that you want by checking “Maintain window size when Showing/Hiding sidebar” in TaskPaper’s preferences.


Excellent I had that unchecked, I checked it back again, it’s fine now. The option to turn it off would be for separate windows I guess, sorry to bring this up.