Recent searches?

Where did they go in 273?

I’ve removed them in favor of the two kinds of saved searches: Saved searches embedded in a document, or searches saved in the searches configuration file, that will be visible in all outlines. Adding back saved searches is possible of course, but for now I would rather just try the two forms of saved searches for a while first.

Thanks for your reply here and on the sidebar thread.

I think the case for recent searches is that they don’t require any action on the part of the user, whereas saving requires some anticipation that a search might be useful again. I’d imagine my likely workflow should be to use a search a couple times from recents, then think “oh this is worth saving” - rather than after every search, thinking “should I save this or not…I guess I’d better because otherwise it’s gone…” (& probably ending up with a lot of saved searches that I turn out to rarely use).

Hope that makes sense.