RECENT OPEN - how to add more?


Hi, i use TaskPaper on a daily basis.

Since it’s just like a editor, aka it does not have a “project browser”, and with all my files spread around, i’d wish for TaskPaper to store in the Recent Opened, under Files more.

Is there a way to allow more?
Or some way to have it in the options how many to allow?

While this is an OS option, it does not actually follow the Recent Items options from System Preferences.

So, please allow more, like 50 :)))

Thank you in advance.


I’m not sure that I understand. My suggestion would be to use the system preferences option to increase the open recent size as described here. But it sounds like you already know about that setting. Is TaskPaper not respecting that option for you?

That setting seems to be working for me. Though it doesn’t start remembering new files until after you’ve changed the setting. So for example if you have it set to 10, and then change to 50 most recent… and then go into TaskPaper it will still just show 10 most recent. But if you open another file… that list will grow to 11. And onward up to the new limit of 50.


The setting is since forever on 30 items, i never seen more then 9-10 on TaskPaper.


Is the setting working in other apps? I’m not sure why it would be different for TaskPaper, the behavior is all system provided. And as I said it seems to be working correctly on my computer. I see 30 items in the recents list at the moment.

If the setting is working for other apps, maybe try opening TaskPaper from your Guest user account, and see if it will grow past 10 items there. That would narrow down the problem to one of TaskPaper’s configuration files.


Yes, it works in other apps :confused:


What about other apps such as TextEdit. I’m not sure if Sublime uses the standard system behavior for managing recents menu. More importantly, does TaskPaper list increase when you try from guest user account?