Recent Bike crashes?

Is anyone seeing Bike crashes recently? I have reports from at least one user that Bike’s started crashing somewhat regularly for them, but I’m not seeing the problem myself. Anyway if you are seeing crashes please post to let me know.

Not seeing anything here on macOS 13.4

I don’t see it here on macOS 12.6.6

Yeah. I was doing the four-finger hotkey to paste without styles from Terminal and it crashed every time. I was in too much of a hurry to report it, though.

I had Bike hang a couple of times 2 days ago when I tried to access the forum from the Help menu, but I think it turned out to be an issue with Choosy. Same function works fine today.

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Late reply, but can you tell me a bit more. Still about to reproduce? And how do I do a four-finger hotkey to paste? I have a MacBook Pro with a trackpad if that helps.

Sure, I can try again when I’m at my desk.

The paste I meant was the hotkey like shift-option-command-v. I’m on my phone so I might have gotten some modifiers wrong, but it’s the paste-without-formatting hotkey, because I didn’t want the terminal font.

Can you try using the latest (143) preview release. I fixed a crasher when pasting from terminal… though in that case the problem was related to style colors.