Re-open previous files and remember window sizes

Maybe it’s just me, but TP3 is not remembering and re-opening previously TP3 files, even though i quit TP3 with the file open and window sized correctly. I guess this will happen in a future update, so i’m just reporting it.

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This should be working now. If it’s not working it’s likely that you need to change a System Preferences setting. Make sure that:

  • System Preferences > General > Close windows when quitting an app

Is NOT checked. Then it should work I think.

works now! Thanks very much.

On a related issue, I can’t seem to change the default window size and position of TaskPaper. It does remember these things for individual files if I do what you’ve described, but whenever I create a new document, it reverts to the default, so I always have to resize again. This works perfectly in FoldingText…

Thanks, added to my list.

I’m having the same problem. That System Preferences setting preserves window settings on quit and restart only, not on document close and reopen.

This also affects sidebar width.

This doesn’t work for me, even though I have the setting checked in System Preferences. I see this most frequently when opening my tasks on a different machine from the one I last had it open.

Note: I’m storing my TaskPaper files on Dropbox; don’t know if that matters.

I’m not able to get it to remember window size or position. The window always opens up on the left side of the screen and it’s quite small.

I just found this thread; thanks for the fix, Jesse!

There is the related problem that new windows are placed directly on top of each other. A more natural behavior here would be to offset the newly-opened windows so that the window close buttons and titles are visible.

As a special case, closing the default window if it hasn’t been modified when a file is opened would also be appreciated.

This is not a good solution for me as I’m not willing to change this setting for the entire OS. TaskPaper workflow is very different than apps such as Preview, Word, Photoshop, etc. I use TaskPaper with the same set of tasks forever. I open a different document with Preview every time.

Can you make a setting in TaskPaper to re-open the last opened document that doesn’t depend on the OS global setting?

You can force it for just TaskPaper with:

defaults write com.hogbaysoftware.TaskPaper3 NSQuitAlwaysKeepsWindows -bool true


Perfect solution, thank you Jesse. But given the nature of TP, I think this is worth exposing in the UI for others…

I’m now back in business with a setup that works for me.

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For now I want to make people type out that stuff in the terminal.

Once you make that change then changing the setting in system preferences changes behavior in all apps, but stops making a difference in TaskPaper… and I think that would be really confusing. Especially since I think it’s the kind of thing people might mess with then forget they messed with.

Going forward I do think it a single document workflow makes sense for TaskPaper. But instead of hacking preferences in to make it kinda work I think I can do better by building that workflow in more directly. I think I’ll make a menu item option that will always open the same file, in same position. This would also be a good replacement for the quick entry window from TaskPaper 2 that I removed.

I’m having a similar issue, where I’m syncing my TaskPaper files via Dropbox and also editing them in iOS. When I update a file through iOS, the next time I launch TaskPaper on my Mac the edited file will fail to re-open. I do have the System Preferences “Close windows when quitting an app” properly unchecked, and any other unchanged TaskPaper files do restore properly.

  • Mac OS X 10.11.4 (though this has been an issue for me at least back to 10.11.0)
  • TaskPaper 3.0.1 via Mac App Store (though I had the same issue when running TP2 from the MAS)
  • Dropbox 3.16.1 (though earlier versions were also affected)

(Pure conjecture beyond this point; I know just enough about Mac internals to get things maybe half-right) It’s like the Dropbox sync is replacing my todo list with a new file that has a new file ID, and TaskPaper(/Mac OS X?) tries to reopen the list using its (now dead) old file ID–and then doesn’t fall back to the file path, when that fails.

I’ve tried searching around for anything that might explain this, but finding issues about restoring previously opened files synced via Dropbox is… difficult. I wonder if this affects more than just TaskPaper, though TP is by far where it’s irritating me the most.

(Thanks for the excellent application, Jesse; I’ve been happily using it for years now!)

I think this must just be how Apple implements it. I guess documents only auto reload if they are not changed by another application after you quit TaskPaper. I can see why Apple would do this, because when documents are auto-saved lots of document specific info is saved (like current text selection) so if that got restored into a changed document it could cause problems. (like maybe the selection is no longer valid because the document is shorter or something).

I think you know, but if you leave TaskPaper (and the document) open then when you edit on another computer the document should reload into the open TaskPaper. It’s just when TaskPaper quites I guess it won’t reload changed documents on next launch.

Eventually I’d like to address this somehow (there’s an item in my todo database anyway), but at the moment I don’t known how I’ll do it.

Hi, I use Taskpaper version 3.7.4. Should the option ‘Close windows when quitting an app’ still be available? I can’t find it… Thanks

Not from within TaskPaper, but I think there is a similar setting on macOS system preferences. For a longer discussion on re-opening previous files and windows please see:

Thanks! That helped.