Quicklook support

Loving Bike, but wish it had quicklook support.
Do you think this will be possible, @jessegrosjean?



It should be possible. In fact I’m a little surprised it doesn’t already work since Bike files are declared to macOS as an HTML subset. In any-case that is the route that I would take, HTML using a web view. I don’t want to do the drawing myself, but I think HTML web view with right styling could work.

Next step is to get the HTML rendering looking better. See this post for some thoughts. If I get a stylesheet that replicates Bike then I’ll look more into getting Quicklook to work. As it is I think icon rendering is probably better, since any HTML rendering right now wouldn’t really look like Bike outline content.

Thank you! Is there anything that I can do to turn the HTML web view working on quicklook?


Unfortunately I don’t really know. You could read and tinker, but might get a frustrating end result. Anyway, if you want to look into it this post might be a good place to start.

Might that process by thrown by an expectation of a !DOCTYPE (rather than ?xml version) tag at the start ?

I don’t think so… at least I just did some experiments and that didn’t seem to make a difference. Things should be better now then when this request was first posted. .bike, files still don’t preview in quicklook for me, but you use .html file extension and then it will work… and Bike is now better at working with that file extension, for example you can set html as default exension to use for Bike files.

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