Quicklook support

Loving Bike, but wish it had quicklook support.
Do you think this will be possible, @jessegrosjean?


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It should be possible. In fact I’m a little surprised it doesn’t already work since Bike files are declared to macOS as an HTML subset. In any-case that is the route that I would take, HTML using a web view. I don’t want to do the drawing myself, but I think HTML web view with right styling could work.

Next step is to get the HTML rendering looking better. See this post for some thoughts. If I get a stylesheet that replicates Bike then I’ll look more into getting Quicklook to work. As it is I think icon rendering is probably better, since any HTML rendering right now wouldn’t really look like Bike outline content.

Thank you! Is there anything that I can do to turn the HTML web view working on quicklook?


Unfortunately I don’t really know. You could read and tinker, but might get a frustrating end result. Anyway, if you want to look into it this post might be a good place to start.