Quick inline calculations

This is useful …

I notice that with a cursor in a line that is arithmetic (or JavaScript) we can produce a calculated child node automatically with ⌘⇧R (Edit > Run Script)

(and then add something to that result for another ⌘⇧R and a further calculation based on it)

Quick inline calculations
    2 + 2
        2.23606797749979 - 1
            1.2360679774997898 / 2
                0.6180339887498949 + 1
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Glad it’s interesting. I have a lot of scripting support ideas, this is just sort off a placeholder used to test scripting infrastructure. Will get more interesting as I add access the the outline model into the scripting context. That isn’t a top priority at this moment, but definitely a big part of final vision for Bike.

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