Quick choice of row(s) to create OmniFocus tasks (with backlinks)

Based on @complexpoint work, here:

This macro creates OmniFocus tasks, and backlinks to the Bike notes in the OF note, based on the menu selection.


@unlocked2412 Thank you, That is Impressive!
First workflow look :

  • Chosen Bike line is not nested, one task with the link is created :+1:t2:.
  • Chosen Bike line is nested within another multiple OF entries are created some with and without a link.
    I’ll test it more later today.
    Much appreciated, Stan

@stanwaring, I’ve just updated the script. Please test the latest version.

This update works well creating an OmniFocus task with a backlink from a nested Bike Row LInk.
when triggered the Bike backlink created in Omnfocus creates a new Bike document with the same name as the original Bike document which overwrites the original document when saved.
For reference, I used the bike duplicate command in this video: Bike OmniFocus backlink (KM script)

And that’s not just an impression created by the fact that links are opened in a focused mode ?

( possibly creating the impression of a new document ? )

Have you tried Outline > Focus Out (⌥⌘←) after following a link ?


Perfect, that works!
Thanks, Stan