Questions about taskpaper history

I want to write an article about taskpaper. So I have some questions to jessegrosjean and he suggested to ask them here. So here they are:
- How did it come to the idea for taskpaper?
- How long did it take from the idea to the first user of taskpaper for OSX?
- You released taskpaper for iOS, but now is taskmator adopting the system for iOS. Are there any agreements?
- I think, a synced iOS version is very important for allmost any user. Do you have plans for an own iOS version again?
- Is the list of TaskPaperRelatedProjects up to date?

At the time I had another notebook style program named Hog Bay Notebook and then updated and renamed to Mori. Interesting program, but in the end I found myself just using text files on my desk instead of my fancy program. TaskPaper was my attempt at adding minimal organization to those text files.

I remember I got a working program that I used after a day or two. I “think” the first test version that I made public was after a week. The first version was just syntax highlighting, with no model behind it. Version 2 added a model behind it, that took a much longer time to implement.

No agreement other then I made my TaskPaper for iOS code open source and then started with that source when creating TaskMator. I’m happy that they have done so.

Nothing in the foreseeable future. I know I’m in the minority, but I just don’t enjoy using iOS devices for “thinking”. I use iPad often for watching movies and for playing Carcassonne. Plus there are already 1000’s of iOS todo apps, I think my time/effort is better spent on Mac. For iOS my strategy is to make an easily parsed file format so apps like TaskMator and Editorially can exist.

No. It’s a wiki page so can be updated. But that part of the website is getting old and I’ll likely remove it once TaskPaper 3 is done. This page is a bit more recent:

Thank you very much for answering. I forgot to ask, when was the first version of taskpaper released?

My article in German language about taskpaper is online: link

If there is anything wrong or if I left anything important, please let me know.

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Sorry for late reply here… sometime in 2006/2007.