Projects not displaying in menu


All looks good with the actual file/taskpaper display, but in the left hand menu the projects section is empty…

Project headings are bolded, and tasks indent correctly etc… just no list of projects in the left hand, this includes int he sample file on load.

I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled… (1.2 KB)

We probably need a sample .taskpaper file to look at,

(preferably zipped, to avoid confusion by the Wiki display)

and perhaps a screenshot which includes the top and left edge of the TaskPaper window.

fair enough, it’s happening on the default sample,

I edited the OP

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Is that menu just collapsed? Move mouse over “Projects” in the sidebar and I think you’ll see a disclosure indicator show which you can click on.

oh lord. yes that’s it.

I’m going to call out some UX issue then. 8) the dropdowns for tag searches are on the left and permanent, vs. on the right and hidden for projects.

well thank you!

Glad that did the trick.

Regarding UI, invisible controls like that are weird for sure, but they are also part of macOS standard UI, I’m just using standard controls, you can see same behavior in macOS Finder for example. The fact that some are always visible, while others are hidden except on mouseover is even more weird, but again the standard behavior.

Sure man, I understand the challenges. Thanks for the app.