Project colons doesn’t change text color along with the rest of the lines

I’ve changed the text color of @done lines in user.less, but in project lines, the colon doesn’t change color. Is there something I’m missing or a workaround?

item[data-done] {
	> run[display] {
	text-strikethrough: NSUnderlineStyleSingle;
	color: mix(@text-color, @background-color, 50%);
	// text-strikethrough-color: @text-color;

The problem is in run[display]. That means only apply the attributes to text runs that have the display attribute. That attribute is not applied to leading or trailing syntax. Try deleting [display] to see the difference.

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Thanks! Also played around a bit more and figured that I’ll just keep the entries like those already available for @today, that way the tags retain their colors when there’s a bunch of them.