Problem with Paddle software for Bike


Approximately every two days the Paddle software generates an error message “Unable to verify license” when I launch Bike. I then have to re-enter my license details to activate Bike again.

I have several apps that are licensed via Paddle. However, I have had a similar license issue with another app called Notebooks. Despite the Notebooks developers trying to resolve the matter with Paddle, it did not work. In the end they got Paddle to refund me and I bought the Notebooks app on the App Store.

Sorry about that. Will try to get fixed for next release. If the problem is intermittent maybe I can address by only showing error if validation fails x times in a row.

I’m having the same issue both in 1.0 and 1.0.1:

If I enter my license key, as soon as I quit the app and relaunch I get the “Unabled to verify license” error above ^^

Ugh. Sorry about that. Two thoughts:

  1. Do you know how to use to get logging information? If so could you send me logs for Open/Activate License/Quit cycle?

  2. Shot in the dark, but what happens if you (first save all your documents, this will remove autosaved, but unsaved data)

    • Save everything and quite Bike
    • Delete Bike’s container at /Users/<USERNAME>/Library/Containers/com.hogbaysoftware.Bike

And try again.

Is there a particular set of steps I can follow to get you these logs? The full “Errors and Faults” firehose seems pretty noisy, but the only Bike process error I saw was volume does not support data protection, stripping SQLITE_OPEN_FILEPROTECTION_* flags

As for the shot in the dark, deleting Bike’s container didn’t appear to change anything.

I’ve also tried this on another Mac and I’m seeing the same behavior (both Macs are Intel-based running Monterey).

I think…

  1. Open Console and select your computer
  2. Click the “Clear” toolbar item
  3. Click the “Start” toolbar item
  4. Open Bike, Register license key, and quit
  5. Go back to console and click “Pause” toolbar item
  6. In search enter “Bike” and click return to apply search
  7. Select all visible items
  8. Copy and then you can paste into a text file or email

Hopefully that will help, thought another shot in the dark. If that doesn’t work I will try to think up something else. If you are on a laptop another test would be to see if it works from a different network. Maybe there’s something particular about your home network that Paddle doesn’t like… just trying to narrow down to find end solution.


Still working on this. Waiting for some feedback from Paddle. I also have a build with extra debug logging if anyone is experiencing trouble with Paddle licenses and wants to help test/diagnose.

@TrapezeArtist @nathos Are you still having license issues? I just heard back from Paddle and they are asking for all .padl and .spadl files located in:

/Users/USERNAME/Library/Containers/com.hogbaysoftware.Bike/Data/Library/Application Support

On my computer they are all in the “Bike” folder contained there. Anyway if you are still having problems can you zip and then email me those files please? (

Hi Jesse,

Yes, I’m still seeing license issues. I’ve just emailed you the files requested. Thanks!

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I have a licensing question: I use two different user accounts (tied to separate Apple IDs) on my two Macs – one is for work, the other personal. Would I have to buy a license for each of these?

I would just pick the Mac App Store version since my accounts are tied together with Family Sharing, but the prospect of the license expiring in a year doesn’t appeal to me much.

Paddle license should work, it allows for three simultaneous activations.

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Just to share an update on this problem after updating to Bike version 1.3:

I’m still getting the “Unabled to verify license” error at startup, but the software remains in a licensed state (previously it reverted to Unlicensed):

( that final d seems unexpected – “unabled to” ? )

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I’m getting the same message. Same behaviour.

@nathos @TrapezeArtist Well progress I guess, at least no more re-enter license key. Also I know know where exactly in the code this error is showing up. I’ve just commented out the “show error” there. So I hope in the next release you will stop seeing that error.

I’ve still waiting to hear back from Paddle on the underlying cause. I’ve just sent a reminder request.