Problem with new saved searches

I updated all my documents and placed the my queries into the new side bar; but now that I am at home I can see that they are not updating across my all computers.

Does that mean that those searches will only work in the computer they were created? I thought that they were going to be part of the metadata of each file and that they were going to be sync across devices. I am very interested in hearing what is the plan for the saved searches. Not having those queries sync across computers is a pretty big to me.

Definitely agree.
The previous way of how saved searches were implemented looked rather better for me. A possibility to keep the searches within document seems to be a valuable feature.

When you created them did you check “User for current document only” … if that’s not checked then the search will get saved into user defaults which is machine specific.

I am thinking about:

Delaying a few days while I work on other stuff, but I may move back to text approach.

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Sure, I did, and appreciated this option. But the whole concept of editing saved searches within document’s text looks like a brilliant idea, and it would be sad to miss it completely.

I did. I also tested that by creating a new set of queries and checking at work. It doesn’t sync.

Ok, it’s likely then that the sync is removing the extended attribute where this info is stored.

I was pretty sure that dropbox syncs extended attributes. Dropbox is what I am using to sync my files across computers.

Urgh. That’s bad. If I’m going to the trouble of saving searches I hope it would be obvious I want those searches on all of my machines. I think this needs to be solved in a syncable way; we shouldn’t have to re-enter changes to our saved searches X times every time we have a change. (And perhaps more importantly remember to do it.)

In the meantime, where are user defaults stored, and how would we copy our saved searches from one machine to another?

Hold off on that, I’m changing where saved searches are stored in next release.

Cool, will do. Thanks!