Problem Opening Link

I’m struggling with linking in Bike 1.12 (135) on Mac Ventura 13.5 Beta.

I created a document to demonstrate the behavior.

I clicked on the line for Part 7 section, copied the row link and the path row link, and pasted it into another application.

If I leave the file open, then both the row link and the path row link function correctly.

If I close the file, then clicking the row link reports “Failed to find any documents matching the link” and opens nothing, while clicking the path row link opens the file but reports “This linked document was found and opened, but associated row was not found.”

I first noticed this behavior when trying to do deep linking from Hookmark, but quickly realized that I was also noticing this behavior with Bike links themselves.

The problem is that the file is stored in plain text/markdown. If you do:

  1. File > Duplicate
  2. File > Save (saving the new duplicate)
  3. And choose File Format: Bike

Then I think the links should work as expected.

The issue is that Bike links use unique ids to track rows. Unfortunately those unique ids can’t be saved into a plain text format such as markdown, so they are lost as soon as you close the document.

I can see how this case is confusing and will add an alert when creating a link to a row in a plain text document.

That is precisely what I was hoping to learn. Thank you!