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Could you help me understand what is going on here? I have three Bike files open. I want to place a link to a certain row in another program (or in another row in the same Bike file). I copy link and paste it elsewhere. When I click on the link (whether from another row in Bike or another piece of software (been using iA Writer as my test file), I get this message.


This linked document was found and opened but the associated linked item was not found.

I’m taken to a different Bike file. When I return to the first file, the correct link is open. So I guess the question is this: why is Bike taking me to one of the other two files when I click on the Bike link? I hope this is clear. I seem to remember this working in some previous versions and can’t say exactly when the problem cropped up.

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What version of Bike are you using and what type of link? Can you include the full link text?

I’m using version 71.
I copy link from the edit menu
Here is the text on the line I tested this morning (BCG at 12:45) - I think that’s what you want. It’s just a private line of text only meaningful to me. Did you want something different?

And the text doesn’t matter. It happens everywhere, every time. Thanks for checking. And I do have a memory of it working as expected before.

BTW - I just love what you are doing with Bike. Keep it simple

Yeah for testing :slight_smile:

Actually I’m wondering about the URL that’s behind the link text. For example when you click once on the link button the resulting popover will show that URL.

Thinking more about that error… you say it opens in one document, but then shows you that dialogue in another. Do you think you created one of your three documents by copying one of the other documents?

This is what I pasted into Markdown from the copy link I grabbed in Bike


I’ve also encountered this error many times. I gave up on putting Bike links inside my .bike files.

I think the most likely cause of that is producing a new Bike document by duplicating an old one.

(So that you now have two documents with the same root ID)

Perhaps it might be helpful to have a mechanism for duplicating a document, and giving the new copy a fresh ID ?

(perhaps also useful to automate detection of duplicated document IDs ?)

@blp @hollandsf If either of you could duplicate a problematic scenario (linking between two Bike documents, but link failing) can you please send me the two documents. Then I can debug and see exactly what is happening.

Here’s two files, one linked to the other and a video of the error I get. Happened since v68 and on two different computers.

Link error - Brandon (341.5 KB)

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Thanks, I can reproduce, and the problem isn’t that they have same root URL. I’m sure there’s a bug and quick fix in there somewhere.


Glad to here you found the problem, Jesse. I have just awoken on the west coast and was preparing to tell you that I’d have to create a couple of new files with forum ipsum text (as my files contain personal information). Now I won’t need to do that for you. I’ll just add in response to another user’s speculation, I never duplicate files. The files in question were formed as new files. I’ll reiterate that the behavior is one that appeared with one of the upgrades, but I can’t say which one.

Glad I decided to post my problem because it was becoming an irritant. My workaround is to use Hook in these instances but it just seems like the Bike copy link would be faster and more efficient in my context/workflow. Looking forward to your repair and explanation (though coding talk here typically goes pretty far over my head :0)

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The problem has been fixed in (72). Just tested. Thank you Jesse