Problem after updating to Version 3.2.1 Preview (202)

I can’t hit Enter on any of my notes…I had to revert back to Version 3.2.1 Preview (201)
Hitting enter constantly or even doing backspaces causes the UI to spazz out for lack of a better term.
I can send a screencast if desired.

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Yep same here.

(meeting my 18 character requirement)

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Opps and thanks. I see the same thing. Working with multiple branches, I think I must have not committed everything that was needed. Will update with fix soon.

I think this is now fixed in build 203 which should be available through software update.

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Thanks! So far so good for me. Using it and I’ll update if I find anything.

I’ve been experiencing the above mentioned ‘spazzing out’, happens frequently whenever editing text in the document, moving lines and up and down. Large chunks of the document become smothered in a strobing black highlight.

I am on version 3.2 (200).

When that happens it’s almost always due to an unhanded internal exception. (basically a crash bug).

I think this must be a different bug, the one reported in the initial thread was specific to version 3.2.1 preview.

Please, if you can, figure out how to reproduce the problem and then report the steps to me. Best is if you can create an example document (along with very specific set of steps to reproduce the problem) so that I can recreate the problem myself. If that’s not possible a screencast can also help.